Representative Naughton joins the Legislature to send $13 billion transportation bond bill to the Governor

(BOSTON) – Representative Harold Naughton, Jr. joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts Legislature on Wednesday to enact a $12.766 billion transportation finance bill to bolster the state’s transportation systems, improve existing infrastructure and assist Massachusetts’ communities in funding local projects.

The bond bill authorizes $300 million in Chapter 90 funding to help municipalities complete road, bridge and infrastructure improvement projects, and...

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(BOSTON) – The Massachusetts House of Representatives welcomed four new member-elects into the Legislature today prior to full formal session. Among those sworn in was new State Representative John Velis (D-Westfield) who won the election to replace Don Humason after he vacated the seat following his win in a recent Senate special election.

Today’s swearing-in ceremony holds significance because Representative Velis, a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve, is now the third member from the 3rd Legal Operations Detachment to sit as a Massachusetts Representative. Velis joins Representative...

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Bill prohibits shackling during childbirth and mandates proper prenatal, labor and delivery care

(BOSTON) – Representative Harold Naughton, Jr. joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to pass a bill that prohibits the shackling of pregnant women after their first trimester and forbids the use of certain restraints on a pregnant or postpartum inmate.

This bill ensures that all incarcerated women have access to labor and delivery care in an accredited hospital and requires that they are afforded with a minimum of a forty-eight hour hospital...

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NORTHBOROUGH – Legislators Monday told selectmen they are hopeful Gov. Deval Patrick will approve $300 million for road improvements town officials say are crucial to a new plan they are developing.

"I think we’ll see the money," Sen. Harriette Chandler, D-Worcester, told selectmen, noting Patrick has made infrastructure a priority for his final year in office.

Patrick last year struck down a proposal from the Legislature to increase Chapter 90 funds – money that goes to pay for paving roads – from $200 million to $300 million statewide.


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WORCESTER — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren visited Veterans Inc. on Grove Street Thursday, speaking with veterans, advocates and politicians about issues facing former service members.

"The more I know, the better I can do my job," she told them during a 20-minute roundtable discussion before touring the facility.

Steven J. Connor, director of Central Hampshire Veterans Services of Northampton, said he would like Ms. Warren to consider having financial assistance services be exempt...

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BOYLSTON — The corner of Mill Road and Sewall Street is now Burkhardt Square after the official dedication of the Navy Airman John "Jay" W. Burkhardt Jr. memorial on Monday.

Burkhardt, who grew up on Mill Road and served as a volunteer fireman for the town, died in a military helicopter crash in June, 1990. He was 21 years old.

It was a brief but, at times, emotional ceremony that Selectmen Chairman James Wood described as impressive in its turnout, which numbered several dozen civilians and members of the Boylston Police Department and the Boylston and West...

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MARLBOROUGH -- The Massachusetts Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force today launched its community support initiative for the Commonwealth's six military installations.

Task Force Executive Director and Policy Advisor to Governor Patrick Adam Freudberg, Major General L. Scott Rice of the Massachusetts National Guard, and Rep. Harold P. Naughton began the event with a discussion about the bases' importance and how communities can support the installations...

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Harold P. Naughton Jr. Legislative View   
Add a commentUpon recently learning of severe flaws and abuse in the Commonwealth’s welfare system, the Massachusetts House took decisive action to deal with an organization in...
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LANCASTER -- State Rep. Harold Naughton's son Eamon knew exactly what he liked best about the third annual Lancaster Nashua River Festival, put on by the Lancaster Friends of the Nashua River Saturday.

"The bugs," Eamon said.

Other children said they enjoyed the frogs.

The festival was held at the Lancaster Fairgrounds. Kayak...

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