State budget includes senior van funds, police academy funding

The $38.05 billion budget passed by the House of Representatives includes several items for Boylston and West Boylston.

Key components include $40,000 in funding for the West Boylston Public Library.

"Citizens of the town of West Boylston frequently turn to the public library for assistance with job applications, for assistance with applying for federal grants and aid, and for research. It is necessary to restore the library’s equipment and infrastructure to current standards, for those in the community who rely on the library to be their technology source," according to Representative James O’Day,D-West Boylston.

The budget also includes $60,000 for the establishment of a senior van and paratransit service in Boylston and $25,000 in reimbursement to Boylston for hosting the Municipal Police Training Academy.

“Through meaningful debate and discourse, the House succeeded in delivering necessary funding for our cities and towns, as well as critical programs and services in Massachusetts, while exercising fiscal responsibility. Moreover, our communities in the 12th Worcester District benefit significantly from this spending plan," Rep. Harold Naughton Jr., D-Clinton, said.

The budget will now go to the Senate.

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