Naughton Backs Task Force on School Safety and Security Report

State Rep. Harold Naughton, Jr., a member of the Task Force, offered his full support for the report of the state’s Task Force on School Safety and Security. The report, which was officially released earlier today, was designed as a resource for school leaders and community members to enhance safety and security in preparation for the upcoming school year. 

“Massachusetts was recently ranked number one in the nation for the best academic achievement,” said Naughton. “The release of this report reinforces our commitment to provide the best education for every student in the Commonwealth, and do so in a safe and secure environment. I commend the members of the task force, especially the leadership of Secretary Malone, Secretary Polanowicz, and Secretary Cabral, for their hard work and dedication throughout the process of compiling recommendations that offer guidance to school districts, school administrations, public safety officials and parents on how to best prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from an emergency situation.”   

The report includes 29 recommendations presented by the Task Force that will strengthen school safety and security if adopted. During the unveiling of the report, the Governor also announced the establishment of a state-level technical assistance team that will offer strategies for school districts to use to improve school safety and security. The technical assistance team will be charged with helping school districts, at their request, create and/or enhance their school safety plans, and will be appointed later this summer by the Secretaries of Education, Health and Human Services and Public Safety. This team of volunteers will consist of professionals from the education, behavioral health and law enforcement communities among others.